Progress and the mural that keeps growing!

Hi everyone! Well we had to take Monday off because it got crazy hot and humid here in Chicago and our poor old building couldn’t take the heat (literally). The walls were sweating and we were afraid that the paint would bubble if we tried to add another layer. We are going to be back at it today! 

This last session really brought some great changes and differences! We are also learning about glazing and layering several different shades in order to get a rich final layer full of depth! It is a long process- but a very cool one. 

We added some new artists to our crew this week as well- huge welcome to Patrick and Rianna! We are excited to have these VERY talented painters join us! 

Here is a shot of the piece  before our last session 


Here is a shot of the piece now!


This week we are focusing on smoothing out the sky- adding depth to the foreground, adding details- and beginning the roots- the most important part of the piece. 

We have also been asked to expand our club and start more work in the building! EXCITING! 

Stay tuned for updates after today’s session- “Growing Great Leaders” 


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