Session One Progress Update- The Underpainting

Hello everyone!

Last night we finished our first actual painting session on the mural “Growing Great Leaders”. It went amazingly well! Shockingly in 2 hours we almost completed the entire underpainting! B an B were shocked ! ( Mrs. Baldocchi and Ms. Bodanyi ) Everyone showed up on time, listened to Mrs B explain what an underpainting was and the steps that you take to complete one. Then we learned about color and color mixing and went to the job site! It was so exciting! To let you know how excited we were we forgot that there was a HUGE box of fresh donuts for us to snack on! đŸ™‚

Mrs. B ordered her favorite brushes- they are actually amazing quality and VERY professional. They are marketed for kids because they have this super comfortable rubber grip but they are actually amazing quality  brushes that wont break the bank! Here is a shot of the brushes and name in case you are interested in picking some up! They can withstand VERY heavy use and- if cared for properly-will last for years!





Next step was planning our attack. We mixed our paints, got our brushes and claimed an area. Here are some shots of us hard at work!







Like we said we covered a lot of ground in the first session. We also got a chance to chat with some people we normally don’t interact with at school. It was pretty cool- we are enjoying everyone’s ideas and thoughts and making new friends in the process! We have also begun to improve our attendance and grades because we have to in order to stay members of this great club! Until nest session- Paint on!



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