Phase One- Growing Great Leaders


Welcome to our page! We are SO excited to be starting the first ever community mural project at Graham School! We have been hard at work locating the place for our first ever mural! We searched the building and decided the perfect place for our first piece would be the second floor right outside of Mr. Moore’s office. There is a lot of traffic with the washrooms right there. Sadly the walls have seen better days. Here are some shots of the walls

wall detail 2 wall detail


We have been studying why people paint murals and decided that this was the perfect place to spread a message and beautify an area in need of some TLC. We also just found out that the younger grades are going to be joining our building on the second floor so we designed our theme  for them. The theme for phase one is going to be “Growing Great Leaders”. Mrs. Baldocchi and Ms. Bodanyi have agreed to mentor and coach us. Here is a computer sketch of our plan!

G School Mural Sketch

Since we are a neighborhood school we will be painting neighborhood scenes in the roots- since Graham is “rooted” in the neighborhood.

Here are some shots of the primer going on! We are almost ready to paint!

mural club wall 1 mural club wall 2

Finally here is a shot of some of us at our first job site meeting!

mural club group shot

Stay tuned for amazing things!




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